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How to be productive when we do WFH?

How to be productive when we do WFH?
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COVID-19 forces most of us to work from home(WFH). Right now social distancing is the best thing we do to beat this pandemic. While everyone around the globe is fighting this pandemic, it comes on us to help everyone to keep a flow of work so we can reduce financial drop as much as possible.

I know it’s quite difficult to stay focused sometime when we work from home. There are many distractions around us when we do work from home. 

Here are few points which can help you to be productive when you do work from home

  • Wake up early

It’s always good to start early. If you start your day early you can finish your important task early. Also, everyone mostly wakes up early for the daily commute to the office. By starting your work early you are starting to be productive the day ahead. 

  • Plan your day 

This is not just for WFH but it’s important for your everyday work. Moreover, it’s necessary for WFH as we can get distracted and do something which is not important. If you plan your day with priority then you can finish important tasks first and avoid procrastination

  • Follow your office habits

We all have a few small good or bad habits like going out for drinking, having a cup of tea or just stretching our legs. Keep your habits noted and follow your habits to feel more like you are working from the office. 

  • Make a space which will work as your desk

Mostly everyone doesn’t have a desk at home, so it is always an issue to where to sit for work from. If you need to work more than 1 week then you need a good place to work from. Make sure you can sit straight and don’t use the wrong posture to work. Initially, it works but as you move ahead then you can start feeling uneasy. Try to look for space where you can work comfortably and with good posture

  • Keep distraction away 

We always have our phone with us and everyone knows it’s one of the measures of distraction. In the home, there is TV, snakes and many distractions. You can get distracted every 10 min. Keep yourself away from these destructions. Make yourself a habit as well as practice to avoid these destructions by some small commitments. 

  • Be more result-oriented than time

As it’s quite difficult if you just started work from home. You have a distraction and a new environment. Now if you just focus on what time you will call day off then you can’t be productive. If you want to be productive then you need to think like getting results. You need to complete your task one by one. And don’t stop work until you complete your work irrespective of what time it is.  

  • Use tools to help you to stay connected with your colleague 

In the digital age, we have many tools that you can use daily to stay connected. You can convert your daily operational process to digital. You can use various tools or single tools to work. If you found something related to your process you can’t convert into digital then send us an email

  • Take breaks as needed

Getting some encouragement after some difficult tasks done is very important. Having converted this encouragement into small breaks will help you to feel some urgency and you can do your task little faster. Just make sure you don’t push for bad habits and go for breaks which help you to be more comfortable. 

  • Don’t overstretch your work and finish work at your time.

It might feel a little in a different direction by asking to finish work in time if there are many distractions. But finishing your work on time will help you be more productive than ever. Also completing your commitment on time will help you to progress in your career. 

  • Give some time to yourself to do nothing

You need to make sure not to overwork and stress out about your work at your home. There are always problems and you need to take time to resolve them. If you spent your time being calm and just spent time doing nothing then it will help you to sort your work very easily. 

Let’s work together to be more productive and help our world to recover from this pandemic. If we all work together then we can do miracles. 

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