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Manage Your Team Well : Delegation

Manage Your Team Well : Delegation
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Having a good team is very important for every organization. And you will be at an advantage if every member of your team is excellent at his or her job. You will always focus on doing work by yourself than delegate it to other guys. In the starting phase of your business, it’s quite difficult to get skilled personnel as we are struggling with cash and credibility.

You can not manage all the work on your own, as for business to go smoothly you need to focus on business than operation. Initial years of your business would be occupied in dealing with hands-on work with your employees.

Delegate 100% or nothing!

Delegation is very important if you want to run a business with ease. The primary aim of any company is to pursue growth which is not possible by a single person. You need a strong team and we pass on our specific responsibility or function to every individual.

If you desire to gain the trust of your team to lead them, then you also need to trust your team to work without your constant intervention. Your work is to set up a vision or goal and show them a way to do it. You can’t micromanage your team at every point.

“If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

— Richard Branson.

For a system or a process to grow, each node of that process should work independently. When you give responsibility with 100% delegation to your team member, it’ll reflect the trust you have towards that person. This confidence is very important than just shooting order all way through.

If you are facing trust issues with your team just try to implement this strategy for a month or so. You will find which people you can grow with and this would eventually lead to the formation of a strong team you always dreamt of.